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Thanks to the wide range of Natural and Cultural Diversities and the high level of its preservation and values, Regional and International Travel Operators, medias and visitors started to show increased interest to visit and stay in Kosovo, requesting Organized Individual and Group Tours both in Kosovo and at the Regional level. The new Demand initiated at the Global Tourism Market towards our Country and neighboring destinations, requires higher level of Hospitality, Gastronomy and Travel standards. Following that and positive trends of the Demand at the regional level, TPD Consulting, as the first and most experienced Tourism Consulting Company in Kosovo and regionally, started to act with its multiple professional services, focused on several activities and directions: 

Tourism and Travel Research

Tourism Planning and Development

Hospitality Planning and Development

Tourism and Travel Planning

Tourism Economics

Hospitality Management Coordination

Destination Planning, Development and Management

Product Development, Design and Promotion

Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Trainings

Tourism investment consultancy

Event Planning and Management 

Community Tourism Planning & Development