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Hospitality Planning & Development

New construction projects and refurbishment projects are often drawn up on paper without professional consultancy which helps you taking operational conditions or requirements into consideration. There are so many failures and irrational projects in Kosovo and all over the world, with very negative consequences causing continuing operation difficulties and business losses. Avoiding mistakes at the business planning stage will improve your business success and optimize your long term profit.
TPD Consulting services are based on providing to its clients high professional expertise, including high successfully managing projects, starting at their earliest developmental stages. These services can result positively in substantial development cost and time savings, as well as long-term operational efficiencies and guest satisfaction, including:

  • Project site and market demand analysis

  • Concept Development, Feasibility and Business Planning

  • Marketing Planning and Promotion

  • Hotel, restaurant, lounge, meeting and function space design reviewing

  • Hotel, Resort construction project design, evaluation and reviewing

  • Recreational amenity planning and design reviewing

  • Project management: Selection, engagement and supervision of architects, contractors, design firms and technical services companies

  • Professional Hospitality Information Technology Systems, including planning and design: hardware, software and multi-media, as well as management reporting, reservations, communications, energy and security systems

  • Hospitality Management Coordination

  • Marketing Management and MICE

  • Design and manage marketing and sales plans

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