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Tourism and Travel Planning

TPD Consulting with its experienced Management and Coordination staff, as well as wide range of Associated and partnered experts, would provide excellence for comprehensive tourism planning at a business, community or institutional level. That means, planning within e requested level, taking in consideration all the adequate approach to tourism resources, organizations, markets, and programs within a region, respecting and considering all economic, environmental, social, and institutional aspects of tourism development.
A comprehensive approach of TPD Consulting, assists on the integrating a strategic marketing plan with more traditional public planning activities, considering the balance between serving the needs and wants of the visitors and balancing it with the needs and wants of local community.
Accordingly we provide appropriate consulting services on:

  • Tourism Strategic Planning

  • Strategic planning for local tourism destinations

  • Business community and Government involvement in tourism planning

  • Land-based tourism planning

  • Market-based tourism planning

  • Community-based tourism planning

  • Tourism Strategic Development

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