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Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Training

Based on the expertise of over 18 years in Hospitality Strategic management, wide range of experts and specialists of the Sector, TPD Consulting offers trainings for:

  • Management staff

  • Operation staff

  • Table and Banquet Service

  • Front – Desk staff

  • Food & Beverage staff

  • Hospitality IT services

Food nutrition and safety Trainings

Food nutrition & Health

Working over 11 years, TPD Consulting has its own highly professional Cook Book “Gastronomy, theory, methodology and practice”, focused specifically on:

• Gastronomy and culinary theory
• Methodology and practice
• Culinary art training
• Cooking techniques
• Nutrition basics
• Healthy food choices
• Shopping & cooking
• Storage & safety
• Healthy recipes
• Healing foods
• Children and healthy eating
• Sports nutrition
• Vitamins and supplements
• Diabetic diet tips
• Organic foods
• Food storage safety

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