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About Us

TPD Consulting provides complete package of consulting services, based on the wide range of Senior and experienced Project Leaders, Associates, Consultants and Partners.
Having in mind the complexity and multiple character of the tourism sector development, we work close with communities, organizations, municipalities and central government institutions, as well as partners in the Region, in order to foster tourism development programs that are environmentally sound and economically feasible.

TPD Consulting (Tourism Product Development) was established as the first ever Tourism and Travel Consulting Company in Kosovo, as a necessity to support professionally Tourism Planning and Development in Kosovo, with international and domestic Sector expertise. Accordingly, Kosovo Tourism Experts Team was established by the Managing Director of our Company, working 16 months on the Kosovo Tourism Product Definition, Design and Promotion. As a result of that dedicated and focused work, the first 23 pioneering Tour Packages were designed and promoted at the National, Regional and International Trade Fairs and Exhibitions.

Based on the newly definition, planning and design of first experiences of Kosovo Tourism Product and Destination, we proceeded with the opening of Intours & Travel as first Inbound Travel Operating Agency in Kosovo, in the capacity of a daughter company.


Intours & Travel is the first Inbound focused Travel Agency in Kosova, providing the tourism product and first travel experiences to foreign and regional visitors, based on professional approach to the product and Destination Development expertise, designed by mother company TPD Consulting.