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TPD Consulting has established direct and successful partnership with Travel Operators in UK, USA, Japan, Canada, France, Denmark, Greece, Turkey and all neighboring countries, pioneering in the promotion of Kosovo as Tourism Destination. Only three years ago, none of Japanese visitors didn`t spent even one day in Kosovo, while this year TPD Consulting together with its daughter Agency Intours & Travel succeeded to prepare, promote and realize the 7 day Tour visitors coming and staying in Kosovo longer than expected. Thanks to the excellent feedback we received from visitors and our partners, we are preparing new products and experiences, pretending to promote and sell our services in Kosovo and the Region as one of Top Destinations for next years.


Regional Partners:

Travel Operators and hospitality businesses in all neighboring countries: Macedonia , Albania , Greece , Montenegro , Croatia , Slovenia , Bosnia & Herzegovina.


Domestic Partners:

Leading Travel agencies and tour operators, hotels, resorts, restaurants and bars in every part of Kosova.